8200-CHS & 8400-CHS

  For time and safety critical operations.;


for Airports and Atmospheric Profiling


The MTECH Systems 8200-CHS Ceilometer is a compact instrument designed for fixed and tactical installations where accurate and reliable cloud height information is required. The measurement is based on the LIDAR principle. The light emitting component is a low power diode laser with the output power limited to an eye-safe level whilst advanced optics and signal processing techniques extend the range from near ground level to over 26000 ft.
The 8400-CHS extends the range to 50,000 ft.

ICAO Compliant and Eye Safe.

For deployment at Airports

Measurement Technique

The 8200-CHS uses a biaxial single main lens design providing very low interference and enhanced near field performance. The well defined laser pulse shape and real time digitizing techniques utilise the latest high speed, high dynamic range scan converter. This, combined with interlaced scan techniques gives excellent resolution and accuracy. The 8200-CHS has a powerful 32 bit Microprocessor and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) performing advanced signal processing algorithms to detect multiple cloud bases and sky condition.
The 8400-CHS extends the range to 50,000 ft

Any Environment

The 8200-CHS performs in all environmental conditions from desert to the wet equatorial tropics. The heated windows and the double skinned design with internal heating and cooling maintain the internal systems at stable temperature and eliminate internal condensation under all conditions. The internal optical components are protected from direct solar radiation by an optical solar filter. There are no internal moving parts as seen in inferior ceilometer designs. All electrical connections to the unit are surge protected. During rain and snow or in the absence of a detectable cloud base the vertical visibility is reported.

Data Presentation

The Data port provides standard data formats via RS232 and RS422 standards. Cloud layer detection algorithms are built in to the instrument firmware and the 8200-CHS can be easily connected to Graphical Cloud analysis software for a workstation. Where required, the signal return profile can be obtained for each scan. The internal RS-232C and RS422 interfaces support local and remote control, test and data acquisition. Ethernet, wireless radio, microwave, conventional or DSL modem options can also be used.


Detects up to 4 cloud Bases

Unless the lowest layer is optically thick, or there are breaks in the cloud layers the ceilometer can detect multiple cloud bases and report them in a range of message types.

Assesses Sky Condition

Sky condition is calculated by a US NWS algorithm over a 30 minute period, giving the cloud base height of each layer and the coverage of each layer as SCT, FEW, BKN or OVC.

Works in Rain Fog and Snow

When there is excessive backscatter from Rain, Fog or Snow the 8200-CHS detects the condition. Under these circumstances the cloud base may not be detected and Vertical visibility can be reported instead.

Is protected against direct solar radiation

The 8200-CHS has a solar filter so that in the tropics the unit is not damaged by the sun. However the cloud base is not reported when high direct solar radiance is present in the field of view.


The 8200-CHS stands 100 cm tall and is 30cm square, weighing 20 kg. It features an outer cover to protect it from driving rain, and intense solar impingement.
The feet allow the ceilometer to be tilted by 12 degrees, which improved performance in rain.

“Designed for long term operation in the open.”
However the optical window does need to be cleaned at intervals depending on the site conditions

Available Models

  • 8200-CHS

    Single Lens Ceilometer with measurement range to 26000 ft.

  • 8400-CHS

    Dual Lens Ceilometer with measurement range to 50000 ft..

Download Data Sheet

A comprehensive data sheet is available. Click HERE.
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